The Hunter’s Walk by Nabeel Ismeer

Book Review #577

Title: The Hunter’s Walk

Author: Nabeel Ismeer

Publisher: Penguin Books

Genres: Fiction,

Format: Paperback

Source: Times Reads

Publication Date: June 1, 2021

Pages: 304

My Rating: 3 STARS


Generations of prolonged drought and hunger have allowed the harsher voices of the Zarda tribe to set edicts of discrimination against their fair skin members.

Ghar, a dark skin cave painter and Dun, his fair skin brother, push back on this discrimination to ensure that Dun and the fair skins can take part in the Hunter’s Walk, a Zardan rite of passage.

When a fair skin is caught defying the ban on hunting, the fair skins are expelled from the tribe. Ghar has trouble coming to terms with the expulsion, and eventually he himself is cast out. After a giant wolf attack leaves him close to death, he is saved by Mai, a healer from the Khamma tribe.

A new unseen kind of storm hits the Khamma. Ghar and Mai try to prepare their tribe for the new challenges the storm brings, but the same forces that mislead the Zarda now grow in the Khamma.

Can Ghar and Mai push back on tribalism and exclusion by being inclusive and willing to take on ‘foreign’ ideas? Will Ghar ever meet Dun and the fair skins again? Will they ever complete the Hunter’s Walk?


The Hunter’s Walk by Nabeel Ismeer is a book that will take readers on an interesting tale about inequality and climate change. This book follows Ghar who belongs to the Zardan Tribe as he navigates life for the better for everyone around him. This story highlights on demanding change and what appears to be the norm may not be as perfect as you think it is.

I was utterly hooked in the beginning as the story amazes me so much. It was so memorable and I was so intrigued by the plot of how inequality is envisioned in this story’s setting. The writing style is really captivating too but somehow, 100 pages in and I was starting to lose my interest, real fast.

I really wanted to enjoy this book but unfortunately, I just wasn’t into it. I was basically just breezing through the latter half of the book just to get to the end and finally be done with it. I feel like there wasn’t a lot going on and I suppose I was just hoping for something really extraordinary to occur but it never did.

The premise, setting and characters are awesome but this book is not for me and so, I cannot recommend you this book. But as I always say, if you think that you might enjoy it, please go ahead because who knows, it may just be your cup of tea.

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