Hide and Secrets by Sophie Mckenzie

Book Review #556

Title: Hide And Secrets

Author: Sophie Mackenzie

Publisher:  Simon & Schuster

Genres: YA, Mystery

Format: ARC, Paperback

Source: Pansing

Publication Date: May 25, 2021

Pages: 320

A lonely girl, a missing father and a trail of lies . . . From the bestselling author of top-ten blockbuster Girl, Missing comes an explosive new teen thriller – for fans of A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder and Riverdale. 

Fourteen-year-old Cat is facing a lonely summer. Her father is missing – presumed dead – her mother has retreated into her own world and her little sister, Bess, refuses to speak. But when a boy and his father come to stay nearby for the holidays, Cat finds herself opening up to the handsome Tyler. Discovering some long-buried information, Cat and Tyler begin to unravel the trail of lies around her father’s disappearance – a journey that will take them cross-country, uncover a dangerous gang, and a plot to steal a priceless jewel. With secrets exposed, will Cat be able to begin to mend her family? 

An edge-of-your-seat drama from the queen of teen thrillers, Hide and Secrets will have you looking for answers in every corner . . .

Hide And Secrets by Sophie Mckenzie is a story about Cat who recently found out that her dad who went missing at sea and declared dead is actually still alive. With the help of a friend, she explore leads and uncover the mystery behind the reason why her father had to fake his own death.

This story is a bit slow paced and it felt like I was reading a Middle Grade book than YA. I think I had a high expectation which I know I shouldn’t as I’ve seen other readers who ended up enjoying. It’s a tad disappointing that I didn’t end up enjoying this story as much. I honestly felt like giving up only after a few pages in.

The plot seems predictable to me and nothing really surprised me. It felt like I’ve seen it coming a long way which is just a bummer. But still, it’s pretty interesting to ponder about as Cat gets a second chance and actually save her dad from impending danger and have her family whole again.

All in all, i couldn’t really get into the story and it didn’t wow me by the overall premise and setting. So, I can’t recommend you this book but as usual, if it sounds like a story you might enjoy, go for it!

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