A Eulogy To A Tragedy by Harris Hazim

Poetry Review #23

Title: A Eulogy To A Tragedy

Author: Harris Hazim

Publisher: Patridge Publishing Singapore

Format: Paperback (Review Copy)

Publication Date: March 27, 2020

Pages: 202

This book is the physical manifestation of the grief that haunts him during the day. A compilation of the late-night thoughts that stole his sleep. It is the demons of his mind that were sealed in this book. It is the devils of his heart that were banished into this book. The darkest thoughts, given form, and deathly musings, given life. The hymns of a broken soul. The unsavoury and immoral lust for flesh. The unwilling penitence for the sin of love. Dive into deep into the void, succumb to the abyss, where the deprivation of love, the disapproval from society, dissatisfaction with oneself, discontentment with others, and how religious beliefs, corrupts what once a jovial individual, into a twisted and malevolent being. Even so, to him, this is indeed the liberation of his soul. This is the book, which reveals true vulnerability, cloaked under false strength.

A Eulogy To A Tragedy by Harris Hazim is a poignant and moving collection of poetry that discovers love, grief, death and random musings. I find that it started off really strong and thought provoking that it made me unable to put it down until the very last page.

The poems are really lyrical and very well written that its a bit mind boggling why it isn’t more hyped. Harris has truly captured ands deciphered the meaning of pain, sadness and love into his usage of words as well as the way its all strung together as his personal collection of poetry. It is seriously so mesmerising that I even ended up reading it in one sitting.

I really like how some of the poems rhyme and were put together really well. It is well thought through and I can really feel the emotions borne by the author right from the inked pages. Everything just fits, emotional and moving that this poet really shouldn’t be overlooked as he is an immensely talented writer. I will definitely be on the lookout if Harris plans to publish another book because well, I’ve become a fan.

Overall, this is a really great poetry book and I would absolutely recommend it to those feeling lost and in pain through the wayward of our world that sometimes don’t even make sense.

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