The Absolute Book by Elizabeth Knox

Book Review #510

Title: The Absolute Book

Author: Elizabeth Knox

Publisher: Michael Joseph

Genres: Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery, Science Fiction

Format: Paperback

Source: Times Reads

Publication Date: February 4, 2021

Pages: 656

Rating: 2 STARS

Taryn Cornick believes her sister Bea was deliberately run down and killed. She believes it so hard she allows a man called the Muleskinner to exact the justice Bea was denied. An eye for an eye.

Which is when Taryn’s problems really begin.

Because the police suspect Taryn’s involvement in the death.

Worse, others have their eyes on Taryn – those in a faraway place who know what Taryn’s family have been carefully hiding in their vast library. The Absolute Book.

They want it – and they want Taryn to help find it.

For the lives of those in more than one world depend upon it . . 

The Absolute Book is a story that shifts from different genres from murder mystery, fantasy, crime and so much more. Everything felt like it was thrown in and put together into this book that I get confused more often than not. This book is a mystery itself. But it was very imaginative and unlike any book I’ve ever read before.

I honestly really couldn’t get into this story. It felt like everything was happening way too fast while at the same time, nothing much really happened. It’s safe to say that I couldn’t connect with this entire book. It’s just not for me unfortunately. I really tried to like it but I’m not going to force myself because I just can’t help but to dislike it.

I am just always so lost and confused. I find that I get way too enraptured with the writing style as compared to what is really happening in this story. This book is unnecessarily long that I really wanted to give up. I couldn’t even see the point of continuing and may have skipped a majority of the book yet I don’t think I may have missed as much because either way, I still can’t get what this book is really about.

All in all, I really cannot recommend anyone this book because it really is a big hot mess. And I know that I’m not the only who thinks this way because I’ve read so many other reviews from readers that will agree with me on this too. It really is so much to take in but at the end of the day if someone were to ask me to explain about this book, I wouldn’t be able to. I really cannot recommend anyone this book.

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