House Of Hollow by Krystal Sutherland

Book Review #498

Title: House Of Hollow

Author: Krystal Sutherland

Publisher: Hot Key Books

Genres: YA, Fantasy, Paranormal

Format: ARC

Source: Pansing

Publication Date: April 6, 2021

Pages: 352

Seventeen-year-old Iris Hollow has always been strange. Something happened to her and her two older sisters when they were children, something they can’t quite remember but that left each of them with an identical half-moon scar at the base of their throats. 

Iris has spent most of her teenage years trying to avoid the weirdness that sticks to her like tar. But when her eldest sister, Grey, goes missing under suspicious circumstances, Iris learns just how weird her life can get: horned men start shadowing her, a corpse falls out of her sister’s ceiling, and ugly, impossible memories start to twist their way to the forefront of her mind. 

As Iris retraces Grey’s last known footsteps and follows the increasingly bizarre trail of breadcrumbs she left behind, it becomes apparent that the only way to save her sister is to decipher the mystery of what happened to them as children. 

The closer Iris gets to the truth, the closer she comes to understanding that the answer is dark and dangerous – and that Grey has been keeping a terrible secret from her for years.

House of Hollow is a story that will pull you in to discover the dark and haunting secrets hidden deep inside the Hollow sisters. This book is so intriguing, mysterious and will make you crave for more as all will be revealed about who the monster actually is and the truth of happened in between the two worlds of the living and the dead.

I am so in love with the cover as it is so captivating, haunting yet so beautiful. It makes me feel pulled in which is the reason why I finally pick up this book. I have to say that it is not often that I pick up a fantasy book set in the modern world, most of what I usually read are set in its own kingdom or in the past. It’s such a wonder to be able to read as peculiar things are happening side by side with the world that we currently live in and with so artfully detailed that makes me enjoy this book so much more.

There wasn’t a single moment that I got bored while I was reading this book. There’s just something with the writing and story that makes me unable to put it down. I just had to continue reading until the very end to uncover the secrets regarding these three odd sisters who once disappeared when they were just little girls and were never the same again. I was honestly surprised when I finally reached the part where everything was revealed. Of what happened to them years ago and who they actually are. It’s just so dark yet so revelling that I ended up absolutely loving this book.

I highly recommend you to read this book when it comes out next year as it is such an enjoyable read for me and I’m certain that there will be others too who will also end up liking this book as much as I did. It is just so dark and beautiful like the flowers adorning the cover for this book. So, make sure you check out this book once it comes out in April 2021.

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