April 2020 Wrap Up

Hey everyone!

Another month has come and gone away but this time it felt longer than usual, right? But because of the circumstances that we’re in right now, I spent a lot of time reading so many books at home that I’ve always been meaning to read.

I read a whopping of 30 books! That’s one book a day! Most of the books I read were graphic novels, poetry books and also a lot of full length novel as well. This is by far the best record of a total of books I read in a month and I gotta say I’m proud.

So, here are the list of books that I read in April 2020:

1. Us by Curtis Wiklund

2. oh no by Alex Norris

3. Super Chill: A Year Of Living Anxiously by Adam Ellis

4. Book Love by Debbie Tung

5. Ever Cursed by Corey Ann Haydu

Read my full review here.

6. The Hopes And Dreams Of Libby Quinn by Freya Kennedy

Read my full review here.

7. I Think I Am In Friend-Love With You by Yumi Sakugawa

8. Quiet Girl In A Nosy World: An Introvert’s Story by Debbie Tung

9. Coming Up Roses by Staci Hart

10. Thoughts Alight Poetry by Kawtar Elmrabti

Read my full review here.

11. Work In Progress by Staci Hart

Read my full review here.

12. The Dollar Kids by Jennifer Richard Jacobson

Read my full review here.

13. letters to the person i was by Sana Abuleil

14. Sister BFFs by Philippa Rice

15. Pride And Prejudice by Jane Austen

16. Clueless: Senior Year by Amber Benson

17. Slothilda: Living The Sloth Life by Dante Fabiero

18. Pillow Thoughts by Courtney Peppernell

19. Anne Of Green Gables: A Graphic Novel by Mariah Marsden

20. Healing The Heart by Courtney Peppernell

21. Mending The Mind by Courtney Peppernell

22. To Have And To Hoax by Martha Waters

Read my full review here.

23. Find Your Voice by Angie Thomas

Read my full review here.

24. Last Tang Standing by Lauren Ho

Read my full review here.

25. Once And For All by Sarah Dessen

26. Happily Ever After & Everything In Between by Debbie Tung

Read my full review here.

27. She Wore Red Trainers by Naima B. Robert

Read my full review here.

28. I Left The House Today!: Comics by Cassandra Calin

29. Goldie Vance Vol. 1 by Hope Larson

30. Once Upon An Eid: Stories Of Hope And Joy by 15 Muslim Voices, Edited by S.K. Ali & Aisha Saeed

Full review will be posted soon.


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