Comeback by Lyn Ashwood And Rachel Rose

Book Review #297

Title: Comeback

Authors: Lyn Ashwood and Rachel Rose

Publisher: Ashwood & Rose

Genres: Romance, Contemporary

Format: E-book, Review copy

Publication Date: June 8, 2019

Pages: 312

Emery Jung is living his dream. Known by his stage name M, he is loved by millions of fans around the world as a member of the rising K-pop group NEON, but all fame comes with a cost, especially when one slip up can have viral consequences.

Alana Kim is trying to forget. After a tragic loss sends her spiraling, she escapes to her family in Korea, abandoning her love of music along the way. However, her plans are derailed when she literally runs into M, the famous K-pop idol.

When their paths collide, Emery and Alana must work together to prevent a scandal from ruining NEON’s success, sparking a journey of friendship, love, and healing. Unfortunately, fame and love aren’t easily compatible, especially in the world of K-pop.

This is the story that may cure the fantasy of every fangirl/fanboy out there. I don’t know about you but it partially did to me. It really has a lot of fan fiction vibes. It would be a lie to say that I have never fantasised dating the idol that I love, that even if they’re so out of reach but as long as they’re happy doing what they love, it would be enough for me.

If I were to read this story two years ago, I don’t think that I would enjoy it all that much. Because a year ago, I wasn’t that into Kpop. I used to be a really huge fan of it when I was younger but then I stopped and around late last year, my love for it has awakened once again. Let’s say for now that a 7 grouped boy group has my heart!!! They are none other than GOT7!!! I would risk it all for them, I really would!!!

Alright, enough about me and my fangirl moments. It’s time to properly get back into this story and this review. This book wasn’t just about romance but it was also about building a family through friendship and that’s what I love most. NEON are a family and they’ve got each other’s backs through thick and thin.

NEON and GLO, the concept is really brilliant that for a second they actually seemed like the real deal. This story showed that fans will always be there for their idols and as much as we appreciate them, it’s so heartwarming that they feel the same way too.

I’m so glad that I accepted the authors’ request to read and review this book. I was instantly intrigued because it involved Kpop and the cover is just absolutely stunning. I had quite high expectations for this one and I find myself at the very last line that the expectations were met after all. This is a story that you definitely shouldn’t miss out on if you love Kpop, basking in the city of Seoul and living the dream of a fangirl or fanboy.


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