The Impact Zone by Jordan Ford

Book Review #256

Title: The Impact Zone

Author: Jordan Ford

Genres: YA, Contemporary

Format: e-ARC

Publication Date: March 1, 2019

Pages: 400

A nomad. A wallflower. A riptide of romance…

Savannah enjoys living in the shelter of her best friend’s shadow. But when a mysterious accident sends her BFF into a coma, Savannah is left adrift. In search of a hobby to distract her, she takes up surfing but can’t keep her eyes off the hot new guy hiring out surfboards on the beach…

Griffin dreads the impending moment when the life he left behind washes up on shore. But the more time he spends with the irresistible Savannah, the easier it is to ignore his past. As he falls hard for the newbie surfer, he hopes the undercurrent of his secret doesn’t pull them both under.

As Savannah finds her voice, Griffin’s fear forces him to pull away. Can they overcome their past to keep their passion afloat?

The Impact Zone is the second book in the intense Ryder Bay young adult contemporary romance series. If you like raw emotion, enigmatic heartthrobs, and earnest love stories, then you’ll love Jordan Ford’s gripping novel.

I couldn’t rate this book more than three stars because I couldn’t really get into the story. I just find that it was all pretty much mediocre including the chemistry between the two main love interests and the plot. It feels like I’ve already read most of it from Over The Falls that in certain aspects it is almost the same that it became boring.

I can’t help but to compare and even when I do, there are so many similarities between the two. It’s about surfing, one is from a poorer background while the other is more fortunate. I was honestly more than ready to put this book behind me yet I don’t know how the author could make the story better because I didn’t really enjoy it.

I would recommend you to either read this book or the previously published book that is also set in this kind of setting. I don’t think that you should read both because it’s almost identical with only a few different perspectives of the characters and the story. All in all, it was just an okay read in my opinion.


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