Wrap Up For The Year 2018

I’ll be greeting hello to all of you for the last time in the year 2018 and its bittersweet all the same! This is the second time that I will be publishing this kind of post and it feels like I have reached a milestone because this has been a year where I really have tried my very best to keep my blog as updated as it possibly can as as you can see from the proof of that, my views has skyrocketed and it is all thanks to all of you who have constantly come back here and see what else I have to offer you.

Okay, now where do I even try to begin? This year has been full of ups and downs and it really has been a wild ride. In terms of my college life, I have officially went through my foundation studies and have finally embarked on a new one.

I am now really taking my degree and on my way to being an adult. Someone who needs to be someone in this society and honestly that thought scares me. I’m currently taking Arabic Language As A Second Language and I really would not have expected for me to say this when I first entered some of my first classes but I really am enjoying it so far. There are a few subjects that I have to really struggle but apart from that, it has all been pretty much smooth sailing. I was even so surprised that when I got my results back for my first semester and what blares on my phone screen were honestly the best CGPA’s that I ever had.

Other than that, I am so blessed again that I got the chance to travel with my family whenever I was on a break. I went to London, Jeju Island, Seoul, Chiang Mai and even a few cities here in Malaysia. I have always been brought up by my family who just couldn’t sit still and are always looking forward for the next endeavours, so they cannot really blame me for constantly looking forward to it too.

In terms of writing, I have once again managed to write two books. The first one is a YA, Contemporary set in London about a girl who has been travelling her whole life but it all changes when her family finally has to settle in London inevitably. This story is very close to my heart and some of what they girl went through is mostly through my experiences. As for the second book, I haven’t told anyone yet that I have finished writing but surprise, because I did it! I finished writing the second book in my YA, Dystopin trilogy. I wrote the first book in the previous year. I started their journey as I joined this year’s NaNoWriMo and even though I didn’t win, I am still proud of myself because I have managed to bypass my goal which is already more than enough for me.

I have also been blessed in a different form this year…

This year, I have started reading and reviewing books that have been so Kindly sent to me by book distributors whom are based in Malaysia and Singapore. Pansing Distribution was the first to contact and I have been overwhelmed by their response. They have sent me so many books for me to review and sometimes even throw in a few goodies along with it that sometimes I wonder, what have I done to deserve this? Basically imagine a social influencer, someone who is into makeup who receives free makeup stuff. Well, that’s how it is for me!

I even got the opportunity to hang out with an author with two of my fellow book bloggers. It was the best days I ever had and it really felt at that moment that I’m so glad I found the book community because look at what it had brought upon me. I hung out at a cafe with none other than the author of Suicide Club by Rachel Heng along with Jessica and Dayana. We fangirled hard and couldn’t believe our lucks!

I was the one who reached out over to Times Reads and with no expectations, I didn’t thought that they would reply to me but I was startled and happy when they did. So, you know what? You never know unless you try and I’m so glad that I drafted that email and sent it without a second glance.

I owe so much to them because I got the chance to receive physical Adavance Readers Copy and sometimes even books that I could never afford to buy and for that, I really look forward to do my best at blogging and reviewing books in the future. I just hope that they are willing to work with me just as much as I would continue working with them.

I cannot not talk about this because this year, I have also found another thing that I have grown to be super obsessed with! I just cannot escape it that my timeline and most of the time, even my mind are always filled with thoughts of them! It all started when I innocently clicked on a youtube video of their new song called Lullaby and now, my life has changed ever since. I am so obsessed with them that I can’t help it!

I mean, just look at my boys! They’re so soft and cute and basically I’m constantly fangirling hard whenever they appear on my phone, my laptop or on the tv. I just love these silly and sometimes crazy dorks so much that it physically hurts. Also, don’t ask me who my bias is because I cannot choose! I love them as a whole group and I just love them so much when they’re just being themselves, as GOT7 members!

Around middle of September, I decided to voice my thoughts aloud to my sister regarding something that I have always dreamt of. That is to be a presence in social media who could be approached to travel. To be an influencer but only focusing on travelling because as I said before, our families are obsessed with tackling the globe cities, states and countries at a time.

On the first of October, we finally launched our Instagram account favecation, where we basically post about sceneries of the places we have been all around the world and if it’s in the schedule for a certain month, we would also include about food and beverages, airlines, hotels and transportations. We are doing this because we love doing it and hopefully we could help those out there with our tips or maybe even someday, we could also live our dreams to get paid to travel.

Lastly, I have read countless of books this year from good to bad, to meh to just okay and even some which are mind glowingly good! I have managed to read a total of 118 books! I initially didn’t want to pressure myself and only set a goal for 80 books but when I was positive that I could read more than that, I set it to 100.

So, I suppose that’s all for me for today and a wrap for this year. It really has been a pleasant year but now, I’m ready to say goodbye and look forward to another year full of possibilities, opportunities and hopefully it would be even better than the years’ before that. Before I end this, I would also like to add that this year will be the last year of my teens because from February 1st onwards, I will be a fully functioning adult and I don’t really know how to make of that. Sometimes, I like to look back to the times when I would always look forward to be an adult and now, looking back, I just wish I could hit the pause button and let it stay there until I am finally ready to move on but reality doesn’t work that way. Life will always urge you to move on.

Okay, I will finally end this blog post now and I hope that 2019 will bring us all full of smiles, adventure and things that we didn’t know we needed until it’s right there with us. I wish you all the best in everything and don’t forget to stay awesome!

Farewell 2018 and greetings to the new year of 2019!!!



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