How Did I Do For NaNoWriMo 2018?

acs_0377Hi everyone!

So, last month was National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) and I have to say, it was a struggle! But seriously, when is writing never a struggle? If you’re a writer yourself, I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about.

If you’re not familiar with what nanowrimo is all about, every year on November, those who accepts the challenge will attempt to write 50,000 words in this month alone. I have participated for a few times and I still have not managed to win but that’s okay, I think. Everyone has their own paces when it comes to writing.

With all of that being said and now hopefully you will have a vague idea of what nanowrimo is all about, I am now going to talk about my progress and how did I do this time around.

I made myself a goal to try my best and try to write everyday for 1000 words. There were good and bad days where some I wrote more than the desired word count but then there are certain days where I couldn’t avoid my situation and just couldn’t do it. Though, I’m not worried and am actually quite proud of myself even after seeing other writers’ posts about how they have won this year. It is good for them but I can always try and do better in the future. There is always a next time and hopefully then, I may just win.

For this year’s nanowrimo, I have managed to write a total of 42,127 words where I started at only a mere 4054 words.

My draft and this wip of mine has gone quite the journey but it will not end here since we still have so much work to do. But I am determined to continue on writing this story this month and try my very best to finish writing this book which will probably take me another 30,000-40,000 words. I’ll see how it goes…

I suppose that officially makes it a wrap for this year’s nanowrimo. Until next time!

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