How Did I do For Campnanowrimo?

Hey everyone!

I’m not sure if you guys are aware but I took part in Campnanowrimo this year! I’ve always thought to myself months before this event was anywhere close whether I should do it since I’m cooped with my daily routine and life as it is but at the last minute, I told myself that whatever happens, I’m going to make it happen and I did it.

If you’re not familiar with what Campnanowrimo, it is a “light” version of NaNoWriMo done in months outside of the official Nano in November. Camp NaNoWriMo has run in April and July since 2013.

I made up my own goal of writing a total of 25,000 words this month and I DID IT!!! I pushed through laziness, procrastination and the any slumps that came over my way.

I had to write at least 1,000 words each day and I have to say that it has been very hard but I suppose once I’m committed and set my mind to do something, I refuse to let it faze away. I am my own master and if I want to get something done, I have to through sweat and tears.

But writing is something I love doing and no matter how rough things get, my passion overrules it all.

Here are the words I wrote each day:

Day 1 – 1271

Day 2 – 1414

Day 3 – 1074

Day 4 – 1220

Day 5 – 1179

Day 6 – 1026

Day 7 – 1023

Day 8 – 1684

Day 9 – 1013

Day 10 – 1006

Day 14 – 1195

Day 16 – 1357

Day 17 – 1005

Day 18 – 1419

Day 19 – 1029

Day 21 – 1440

Day 22 – 2130

Day 23 – 1410

Day 24 – 1062

Day 25 – 1056

So, what now? For now, I will try to write even if it’s a little everyday and finish my first draft in my work in progress. Because for the next half of the year, I want to start working on the second book in my dystopian trilogy and start anticipating for NaNoWriMo. Wish me luck, you guys!!!

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