Bookstagram Of The Week #4

April 14

Hello everyone!

Another week for the Bookstagram series has arrived.

Here are my 5 top pick bookstagram accounts for the week:

1. E. Jacqueline @ejmellow

Not only is this lovely woman a great writer, she lives in the most wonderful city in the world, New York City and if that’s not enough, she also takes the most gorgeous photos!

2. Rima @pardonmywriting

Her pictures are effortlessly beautiful and I’m so envious of all the bookmails she receive and all the amazing book launches/events she attends.

3. Josiah @thebookishfanboy

This account is honestly really pretty! It takes a lot of effort to maintain this kind of feed and I am in awe.

4. Noha @thebookishword

I actually just discovered this account a few weeks ago and of course, I fell in love with her feed.

5. Mai @maielqady

There is just something about her pictures that I cannot stop stare away from.

That’s all for today. I’ll see you next week.

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