I Finished Writing The First Draft Of My Dystopian Story| NaNoWrimo 2017 Update

As we are nearing December and the last few days of November, I will tell all of you guys about this year’s nanowrimo for me.

I have to say that this year has definitely been successful in terms of my story since I have managed to write half of the finished draft of my dystopian story which I have juggled to write for the past three years now.

And now, 3 years and 2 nanowrimo’s later, I can officially announce proudly that the first draft is fully complete on the date of 24th November. I am still a bit bummed by the fact that i havent managed to reach the initial goal and total word count for this book but I cannot seem to prolong it anymore. My story is telling me that it is done with the total word count of 66000 words.

For this year, I have managed to write a total of 26,264 words within a total of 19 days. I know, to some of you that may be too little and it is only half of the goal to win nanowrimo but I’m still happy with my story and what I have achieved so far.

For now, I don’t think I will be jumping into another story for awhile but who knows, right? Especially since I love writing and it is my passion.

Enough about me, what about you guys? Did you guys participate for this year’s nanowrimo? And if you did, how did you do?


  1. Congratulation! I’ve been wanting to write a novel since i was young but i always delete them and star over and over again. I am thinking of making a thorough plan and goals so that i could at least complete a story before i reach 25, keep updating because your blog motivates me more! 🙂

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