Eternal Darkness Oblivion (Eternal Darkness #2) by J.F. Johns

Book Review #128

Title: Eternal Darkness Oblivion

Author: J.F. Johns

Publisher: Createspace

Genres: YA, Fantasy

Format: Paperback

Publication Date: March 1, 2017

Pages: 356

The world is divided between humans and cyborgs.

Scarlet Lock is neither.

She is a soldier created to kill on command, and is now in the hands of Lucian White, leader of the Revolutionaries.

Lucian and Scarlet share a past and now a future. They need to find the other X-Prototypes before the battle against the government begins.

Eric Thorn will stop at nothing to get Scarlet back while Andrew Silverstone needs to find Eric to save his sister. 

It’s a race against time.

They must hurry or else, fall into eternal oblivion. 

I’m excited to be back into this world where cyborgs and humans both inhabit the world and lives in the opposite definition of peace – where they constantly have unpleasant feelings to one another including fights, injustices that’ll inevitably lead to war. This is extremely rare for me but for this story, I am really rooting for the cyborg’s side. Humans, we are better than this!!!

Scarlet, let me just say this in advance. You cannot outrun your feelings because no matter how hard you try to fight it off, I think that it’ll just grow stronger which in the end is pretty much pointless. Eric, dude, be a man and fight for her because your girl isn’t really seeing sense. Yes, I know and I am aware that I’m talking to fictional characters but isn’t that we all do, anyway?! 

Lucian White and all his stupid theories and plans. I hope someone slits his throat or worse so that he’ll never see the light of the day anymore. 

I was sort of expecting there’ll be fatalities but I didn’t expect it to be that much!!!! Wow, J.F. Johns – you sure are cruel!

You know what I really want to see in the next book? All the X-Prototypes combine as a one whole unit to fight off the bad guys. That, I can truly say is an epic and badass sight to see. 

I really cannot wait to read what the author can offer me with the next book in the series and I really look forward to it. 


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