Dominion (The Enertia Trials #4) by J. Kowallis

Book Review #124

Title: Dominion 

Author: J. Kowallis

Publication: Gatekeeper Press

Genre: Dystopia, Suspense 

Format: e-ARC

Release Date: May 19, 2017

Pages: 468 pages



“I didn’t want to wake up. Sometimes I almost wished I hadn’t.”

With Reggie’s death, Nate and the others are forced to continue on in their attempt to defeat Roman with the help of The Rising—a rebellion movement thriving in the bowels of Public Two. 
New faces and mysterious secrets—hidden technology, lies, and darkness—from within The Rising shake the balance of their trust. 

When an unimaginable encounter infiltrates the rebellion, true identities are revealed and loyalties torn apart. In the end, there’s only one target that matters: Roman—and they’ll do anything to stop him from claiming dominion. 

Dominion is hands down the best book of the year for me, no doubt! I would give it a million stars, a standing ovation and a thousand round of applause to the author if I could. 

I love everything about this book! Absolutely everything from the suspense, the excitement and especially their sneaky schemings and secret plannings. It just makes me at the edge of my seat, reading the story from paragraph to another, seeing how it evolves. 

My favourite OTP is definitely Reggie and Nate! They’re so precious and I just feel like protecting them from any harm that comes over their way. Especially because death likes to catch onto them. I know that they’re going to have a bright future ahead of them especially with their bundle of joy and ahhhh I just can’t be more happy for them. I actually feel kind of scared for whoever has to come across Reggie’s wrath because isn’t she just badass? She totally is. She’s like the walking definition of the word. 

Ransley. I did kind of doubt that she was actually going to turn her allegiance but come on, you know better than to hear what Ramos says. But I’m glad that it was all for a show. Roydon is like the most fun and amusing character. He always make me laugh with his antics. 

Stupid Ramos! At last, you get what you deserve.

I am just so happy with the ending – about how everything turns out and falls perfectly in place. It just honestly feels like the most beautiful and important ending there is. I’m so relieved and so happy about the outcome. I’d like to thank the author, for not killing the four main characters because they have all suffered so much already. And also thank you for writing such a great book, amazing series. It is my utmost pleasure to read it. So, thank you very much!
I look forward to the author’s next work and I know I will as long as she continues to publish books. You are an inspiration to me and hopefully to everyone who reads your story too. 


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