Nothing Is Predictable by Adalina Mae

Book Review #116

Title: Nothing Is Predictable 

Author: Adalina Mae

Publication: Adalina Mae

Genre: Womens Fiction 

Format: e-book

Released Date: October 1, 2016

Pages: 270 pages

Fiction / Roman-à-clef: Inspired and based on SOME true events. All characters and many scenes are fictitious.

Zara is a vibrant, funny, resilient American-born woman struggling with a traumatic past. When Zara is eight years old, her father, in a drunken rampage, accidentally shoots himself dead, leaving her to battle through her life.
 Zara’s long exhausting journey dealing with her childhood memories leaves her struggling with romance and hinders her from developing healthy relationships. 

 Who is the love of her life? Is it her Swiss God? Will she be able to find peace and happiness?

 Readers will relate to the journey that Adalina Mae takes us on, which is interspersed with heartbreaking moments as well as hilarious escapades. This is life and nothing is predictable. 

 The story will keep you on your toes and offers mysteries to solve: Why does Zara have recurrent nightmares of her last night with her father? Who does Zara end up with? Does she eventually find love? 

This book is more descriptive rather than dialogue and I didn’t really enjoy reading it like that. I feel that the author should keep the back stories short but precise rather than go on and on about it. I get it that the author wants to tell the whole story of what happened but in my opinion, it dragged the story and made it look dull. 

I didn’t feel the connection between the characters, especially Zara. I just couldn’t understand why she did what she did. I also didn’t feel the romance and spark between her and her love interests. 

I end my review of this book with the thought that this book could be a really great book to someone else but its just not my cup of tea. 


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