Complicated (A Chaos Novella) by Melissa Pearl

Book Review #114

Title: Complicated

Author: Melissa Pearl

Genre: Romance, N/A

Format: e-book

Release Date: This book is exclusively for the author’s newsletter readers

A spin off novella from the Songbird Novel – True Love….

Flick was used to women swooning at his feet—have a little fun, a little sex and they can be on their way.

He wasn’t used to hanging out with an intelligent, opinionated feminist who had a major chip on her shoulder. Felicity “Fliss” Chapman was going to be his biggest buzz kill on the summer tour. He could either go out of his way to avoid her (pretty hard when they’d be sharing a bus) or he could try to pull the stick out of her ass and show her what a good time looked like.

Fliss never wanted to go on the Chaos summer tour, but after being publicly dumped and humiliated by her college sweetheart, she was ready to get out of town for a while.
But she didn’t count on Flick being such an ass (like all men except her father and brothers). She’s determined not to let his sexy little smirk get under her skin. All guys do is burn her and walk away from the ashes. She won’t let herself become another victim of the cocky musician.

Too bad neither of them know that sometimes love can take down even the most resistant souls. As these two go into battle, they unwittingly start to break down each other’s barriers, stirring a whole new pot of complications neither are ready for. 

At first, the story between Fliss and Flick was so typical! It gives off a massive amount of vibe between a bad boy and the girl who doesn’t want the attention but gets it anyway. Do you think that this is a negative review? Keep on reading to find out. 

Of course, Melissa Pearl being the genius that she is manages to pull me into the story when things between those two begun to ignite. And also when Flick stopped being a jerk and slowly peels away his baggages that he carries. 

Truth be told, the latter part of the story saves the story for me. It slowly makes me fall in love with the characters and why they act the way they do. I couldn’t ask for a better story, actually. Melissa Pearl seriously never disappoints. I know that I’ve said these words so many times but it just never feels enough. 


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