Book Madness 2017

Hey guys!

I am so excited to be a part of the Book Madness for the year 2017! I’d have to thank Maggie for reaching out to me and be a part of this event. Honestly, I have never heard of Book Madness and so of course, in order to be a part of something, a research must be in order. I watched other people’s last year participants for this event and I have to say that its exciting!

And this year, there will be 65 bloggers from people I presume are all around the world! How wonderful is that? 

Basically, each one of us would choose a character whether we find him/her charming, inspiring or just by the mere fact that we love the character and to encourage other people to vote. There will be amazing prizes that are up for grabs for both participants and voters. So, you guys have to be on the lookout for that. 

Without further ado, I will now reveal to you my chosen character. 

He is……Clark McAllister!!! Who is a character from The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson!!!!


First of all, he’s a BESTSELLING AUTHOR! I don’t know about you but writers – there’s just something about them. Intriguing yet exciting. Second of all, he’s so modest, compassionate and caring. He’s also so truthful and nice. I mean, come on! He wasn’t a big fat jerk the moment he meets the love of his life. Yes, he might’ve lost his composure at the sight of Andie but he definitely deserve points for maning up and just being a gentleman. 

He also reminds me a bit of Clark Kent, also known as Superman! His glasses which to be honest isn’t geeky or nerdy at all when he wears it but apparently the world would shook and stood still just by the sight of Clark in all his glory. Okay, I know I’m exaggerating a little. No, a lot! But its just a part of who he is. Like Harry Potter and his round glasses. Not sure why that’s relatable but, oh well!

I think that he is such an underrated character among other YA and Contemporary books! 

I think I’ve rant enough about him without slipping away a spoiler. So anyways, go vote for me and vote for Clark McCallister!!! 


You can vote for up to five characters! You know who to vote, right? Clark and I will be very grateful to you! *winks

Just a friendly reminder that the voting for Round 1 ends on March 5th at 11.59pm Central Time. 

So, what are you waiting for??? Go and vote!!!


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