Rainbow Blog Challenge – Day 2

Its day 2 of the Rainbow Blog Challenge and today’s daily prompt is “Time Is Precious”. We have given a choice to write about slow vs fast paced books // all about the slumps. 

For today’s blog challenge, I am going to attempt to write both. We’ll see how that goes first. 

Now, slow vs fast paced books. Here are the pros and cons: 

  • Slow books doesn’t immediately pull you into the story like fast paced books, where you’ll be instantly hooked. 
  • Slow books make you understand every little detail better whereas fast faced books makes everything go by so fast. 
  • Fast paced books can sometimes be defined as unputdownable because everything is happening all at once. 

Which do you prefer, slow or fast paces books?

Onto the second one, where we will discuss about all the slumps. 

Before I proceed with my experiences and how I overcome slumps, how do you handle them?

Slumps can be annoying, am I right? Its where you have read a phenomenal book previously and couldn’t stop thinking about it. Next, you make time reserved to read and when you do, you can’t get into the story. Or maybe,  you thought that you just don’t really want to read the book now and when you start a new book, the same thing happens. 

Those are what we call slumps, my friends. 

There’s not really a way or a guide to overcome slumps. You just have to wait. Its all just a matter of time before it goes away. 

I would usually leave reading momentarily and write or just binge on a tv show. That really helps, in a way. 

That’s all for today’s blog challenge. I’ll see you tomorrow for another one. 


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