Rainbow Blog Challenge – Day 1

So, today marks the first day for the Rainbow Blog Challenge that I, and a few other bloggers, Terri / Aimee / Kristy / Rachel & Elle are hosting. 

For today, the title or subject for today’s blog challenge is “Seeing Red”.

I don’t want to talk about angry characters. They’re pretty much general. I want to talk about a more important subject that annoys me and sometimes to the point of infuriating. 

For today’s blog challenge, I am going to talk about things that make me angry in the book community. 

The book community is like a utopian world. A place to unwind themselves after a long day and its also a place where everyone can express their love for books. 

There are flaws too. Its not completely utopian, like we thought it would be. 

Here are some of the things in the book community that makes me angry:

  1. People who wants to shove in other people’s faces to read and write about diversity. Yes, we get it. You are all about supporting diversity and making others see the importance of it, but it is absolutely unnecessary to force others to read and write about them. Its their own choice.
  2. People who rate a book before they’ve read them. This should not happen. It is just a major turnoff. 
  3. People who have more followers on social medias,  will only talk to others who have almost or the same amount of followers. To put it simply, famous and known people in the book community who would reply to comments to other famous people. 
  4. ARCS. Yes, those are what we all desire but sadly, we must understand that the publishers can’t send them to everyone. Its not like those books have limited copies or won’t be for sale. Its just a matter of time for it to be officially published. 
  5. This has never happened to me but it makes me angry and sad that there are people who cause fight and arguments. 

I just want to clarify that this blog post is not associated to anyone. These are all merely my thoughts and opinions. I apologise in advance if I have offended anyone, that is not my intention. At all. 

What about you? What makes you angry about the book community?


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