Rainbow Blog Challenge

Hey guys! So, this is the first time I’m doing a blog challenge and I am really excited. 

I have teamed up with a few bloggers, Terri / Aimee / Kristy / Rachel & Elle for the Rainbow Blog Challenge! Go check out these lovely ladies’ blogs before we proceed to what this challenge is all about. 

This blog challenge will go on for a week, starting from the 20th until the 26th November. Each day, there will be two suggested daily prompts which you can decide on whichever you want to do. Just remember that we are doing this for fun and we want you to have fun too. 

There may be a giveaway for the participants. But it may only be for Australia residents only. This giveaway will be hosted by Elle Biblio! 

Here are the Daily Prompts:

  • Sunday, 20th November – “Seeing Red” 

Angry characters // Something that makes you angry about the book community 

  • Monday, 21st November – “Time Is Precious”

Slow vs fast paced books // All about the slumps

  • Tuesday, 22nd November – “Because I’m Happy”

Books that made you happy // What makes a good book cover

  • Wednesday, 23rd November – “The Great Outdoors”

Favourite settings // Literary location you would like to travel to

  • Thursday, 24th November – “Feeling Blue”

Favourite books with mental health issues // Importance of mental health in books

    • Friday, 25th November – “Royalty”

    Favourite royal characters // How books and reading have empowered you

    • Saturday, 26th November – “All The Love”

    Books celebrating LGBT+ // Why diversity is important to you

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