Shoot The Gap (The Big Play #5) by Jordan Ford

Book Review #81

Title: Shoot The Gap

Author: Jordan Ford

Publication: Jordan Ford Books

Format: e-ARC

Release Date: July 15, 2016

My rating: 5/5

Tyler Schumann has always been known as Nelson High’s goofy clown, the guy with the big mouth. But there’s something people don’t know: he’s tired of being in the shadows of his Raiders’ buddies, and he’s ready to do whatever it takes to get the one girl in school he wants to finally notice him: Roxanne Carmichael.

Sammy Carmichael is just one of the guys, known for her mad boarding skills and her razor-sharp wit. But she has a secret, too—a crush on her best friend. It’s a relationship she’s not willing to risk damaging by getting all romantic about it.

When Tyler asks for Sammy’s help, she’s stoked to be able to spend a little one-on-one time with him. Their secret mission will bring them closer together…until she realizes what he’s really after—her sister. Tired of being in the shadows herself, Sammy sets out on a mission of her own to prove that she’s the Carmichael girl he really wants.

But the secrets and lies she discovers as she embarks on her quest could tear her relationship with Tyler to shreds, and Sammy must decide which lies are worth exposing and how much damage the truth will cause. 

I cannot believe that this series has come to an end!! I need more! I want to know more about them! 

I love this story! I can’t choose as my absolute favourite between this story-Tyler and Sammy’s story or Tori and Cole’s story. Both of them started off as nothing but a friendship that soon evolves into a budding romance. I am not here to talk about the latter couple but I am here to rant on about Tyler and Sammy. I adore them. Both of them. 

There are some stories that does not seem to grasp the kind of story that started off as two main characters who are just friends and later on confesses their romantic feelings to each other. Well, this story is definitely something else. This story lives up to the expectations of these kind of stories. 

I love the fact that Sammy is a very strong independent girl but in dire times, she also needs a man to protect her. And that man is Tyler. He was a bit blind in the beginning at aiming for popularity instead of actually seeing the only girl for him that is right in front of him. Nevertheless, he realizes it soon enough. It kind of seems perfect to insert a proverb here in which everyone is familiar with-better than never. 

I really enjoyed myself while reading this book. It wraps up everyone’s story in The Big Play series and I am both happy and sad to read about them. I am happy that they all got their deserved happy endings and I am also sad because I really want to read more about them. 


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