The Allure Of Dean Harper (The Allure #2) by R.S. Grey

Book Review #77

Title: The Allure Of Dean Harper

Author: R.S. Grey

Publication: R.S. Grey

Format: E-book

Release Date: September 28, 2015

Pages: 282 pages

My rating: 5/5

#1 Best Selling Romantic Comedy



Subject: You’re a flippin’ idiot

Good morning my dear, naive friend,

I hope you’re enjoying a breakfast of regret and sorrow.


Because you sent me to work for Dean Harper, aka a control freak in a tailor-made suit. Sure he owns the trendiest restaurants in NYC, but c’mon Jo, his ego makes Kanye West look like the Dalai Lama.

He’s the type of guy that only hears the word “no” when it’s followed by “don’t stop.”

Working for Dean Harper would be like selling my soul to the devil…and before you say anything, I don’t care if the devil has punch-you-in-the-gut brown eyes and an ass to match. My soul isn’t for sale.

Regretfully yours,

The Allure of Dean Harper is a standalone, contemporary romance from USA TODAY Bestselling author R.S. Grey with overlapping characters from The Allure of Julian Lefray. Both books can be read separately.

I enjoyed every moment and minute of reading this amazing book! This is my first time reading one of the author’s book and it truly did not disappoint. 

I love Dean Harper! And his cold attitude towards Lily. She definitely brings up the worst in him. Lily Black is a very unique and interesting character. I adore her too! She does not give a crap about what anyone thinks about her and does not let it affect her. Their hearts have definitely suffered immensely throughout their romantic journey but at the end, they did it. They went through hardship and sacrifices to finally be with each other with happiness. 

Both main characters have such supportive and loyal best friends. And they are Julian and Jocephine. I don’t think that Dean and Lily would even halfway survive through their life if their best friends weren’t in it. Especially Lily. 

This book was light, funny and also romantic. I simply could not put it down and I just had to finish it in one sitting. Devour it, to be more specific. 


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