A Field Guide To Catching Crickets by A. Wilding Wells

Book Review #73

Title: A Field Guide To Catching Crickets 

Author: A. Wilding Wells

Publication: Hyp Notic Press

Format: e-ARC

Release Date: June 7, 2016

Pages: 332 pages

My rating: 3.5/5


If you are a sensitive reader please be aware that you may find topics in this book to be terribly offensive. I’d rather you not read it than receive a bad review because you have been offended. This is a fictional story but the hideousness of what happens is gut-wrenching. This book does have a gorgeous HEA that will move you to tears.

The soul is not where it lives, but where it loves.

A countryside ranch, naughty notes and a neighbor boy. Kissing in silos and skinny dipping under a full moon. Ten years gone. An ocean, a tragedy…secrets and buried things. Letting go and hanging on. Remembering to forget.

My reality became his nightmare, but then my nightmare became reality.

Hawke Slater was not only my brothers’ best friend, he was a tender, sweet country boy. I never wanted to leave, but there was no choice for me. Two things kept my soul alive, and I’m hanging onto hope that one might be an option for my future.

I wish none of it had been my fault, but it was. 
Sloan Story McQueen has returned. Why would I hold out an ounce of hope that she’d want me once she finds out what I do for a living. Some call it obscene, but I’m just chasing storms and rainbows.

She’s holding onto something big. If only it were me.
This novel contains adult content and is not intended for sensitive readers.

This book was a bit slow in terms of its story flow. The characters are all unique and interesting on their own. 

I don’t find this book that interesting to read. It was just okay. But I am sure that this is all me. Nothing towards the author’s style of writing. 

Only until the last few chapters does Sloan reveal her secret. Although, there are moments that was a bit predictable yet not completely what I have expected. Yes, what she felt was very traumatic but in my opinion, if she had just tell Hawke about what happened, it’ll save her feelings a lot more. 

Maybe I was just not in the mood to read because I read this book during the weekend of an exam week. Exams are definitely mood-spoilers. Bad timing, I guess.  



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