Bookish Bundle – April 2016

Bookish Bundle is a trimonthly magical subscription box by a few members of the My Bibliomaniacs, booklovers from Malaysia. 

I received my box on Monday, April 11, 2016. I went home from school that Monday and I knew that the box will be waiting for me on my doorstep. And I was right. It was waiting for me on my dining table. 

I immediately head upstairs to my bedroom to unbox it without any distractions to distract me.  

The theme of the month of April was April’s Fool.   

Here are the items that are in the box; 


Now, let’s get a closer look of each of the items.  

A Written Enchantment keychain inspired by Rainbow Rowell’s book, Fangirl.  


An Alice In Wonderland poster with the colours of the Cheshire cat.  

Two bookmarks with super adorable illustrations by @thereadingberry which is also punny (if punny even is a word).  

A badge. But isn’t it supposed to be “I am a book drunkard”?? Not such a big fan of this one, to be honest. Because of the grammar. 


And finally, the book! I have mixed feelings about this book but I am sure it’s leaning more towards the positive side of my feelings. 

I will wait for them to release the theme for the month of July and only then will I decide to continue subscribing or not. 

I would give this box for April 2016 a 4/5 stars.  





  1. Hi Naadhira! I’m Sarah Anne Lee from Monash University and I’m doing a little company profile of Bookish Bundle for my journalism assignment πŸ™‚ May I interview you, a customer of theirs to complete the news story? It will be really brief, 3-4 simple questions and will be conducted over email. I can send you the questions already! Pleas email me at if you are interested in commentating about their business. It will remain strictly confidential between me, my lecturer and BookishBundle and you only.


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