New World Ashes April Blog Tour + Author Q&A

My Blog Tour Date: 2 April 2016

I have teamed up with the author, Jennifer Wilson for a blog tour of her upcoming book, New World Ashes. Basically, throughout the month of April, a variety of bloggers be having a blog tour. Like me, for instance, my date is the 2nd of April. Anywho, here is the official cover;

The cover is extremely gorgeous!!!! And I am sure the content are too.

Book Description

After Phoenix, a 17-year-old orphan rogue, sacrifices herself for her loved ones, her world again takes an unexpected turn. She may have forgotten her past, but it hasn’t forgotten her. A war is coming and her role in it will be pivotal.

That is… if she survives.
“The much-anticipated sequel to New World: Rising.”

The new surprise release date is..

If you guys didn’t know or have never seen the first book, New World Rising, here it is;

Book Description

Since witnessing her parents’ murders at the age of eleven, Phoenix’s only purpose in life has been to uphold her mother’s dying words- to be strong and survive. But surviving outside of The Walls- outside of The Sanctuary- is more like a drawn-out death sentence. A cruel and ruthless city, Tartarus is run by the Tribes whose motto is simple, “Join or die.”

Refusing to join and determined to live, Phoenix fights to survive in this savage world. But who can she trust, when no one can be trusted? Not even herself.

New World Rising Purchase Link

New World Rising is available in paperback and Kindle.

My Q&A with the author 

– Who or what inspired you to start writing?

I am sure this is cliché, but the Harry Potter series definitely helped inspire me to write. Not because of the fame or money, but this was the first series I fell in love with and because of how many lives J.K. Rowling touched with her books. To reach that many people and inspire them to dream and read… that is a true gift. So obviously, J.K. Rowling’s books are at the top of that list, but there are many other authors I look up to: J.R.R. Tolkien, Rick Yancey, Dan Brown, Suzanne Collins, Cassandra Clare and Diana Gabaldon, to name a few. Alexandra Bracken and Marie Lu are also recently added to my author crush list—I love that they too write about strong female leads, who are imperfect and vulnerable at times.

– At what age did you start feeling that you wanted to write and started writing? 

I have always loved the idea of writing, but never thought it was something I could do. I was a terrible speller, a painfully slow reader and had some issues with Dyslexia. It wasn’t until my early twenties that I stopped saying “I can’t” and started doing it. I have been writing with fervent passion every since. Sometimes we are the biggest thing holding ourselves back.

– What’s your most-read genre to read if you’re not writing? 
Young Adult fiction for sure. I wouldn’t narrow it down any further than that because I pretty much love everything YA—dystopians, fantasy, supernatural, si-fi. I can’t ever get enough!

– In New World Rising, who was your favorite character to write?
Great question! While I related the most to Phoenix, I really loved getting to write Mouse’s character. She was so unlike any of the other characters in the book—innocent, gentle and silent. It was definitely a challenge to write a character that never speaks and still make her lovable. I also got to do research on American Sign Language to help with the descriptions of her hand moments. Everything she signs in the book is actual sign language, I wanted it to be authentic.

– How did you come up with the idea of the five Tribes in your book?
Dating all the way back to the cavemen, history shows it is in human nature to seek out companionship, for emotional reasons as well as for survival. So when the when the idea came to me for Phoenix and the broken city, the Tribes were quickly developed afterwards. The catch was, the Tribes could not be welcoming in their nature, otherwise why wouldn’t Phoenix have joined them? The Tribes were inspired by what people might do if they lost education, civilized morals and were territorially desperate for survival. A lot of their bases came from the idea of gangs. They are violent, protective of their own, have distinctive markings and colors, are territorial and never let a member go without punishment. Join or die. After developing their horrifically brutal nature, it only seemed fitting thatI named the forsaken city they resided over after Greek Mythology’s Tartarus—“The city of the damned, an abyss that was used as a dungeon of torment and suffering for the wicked.”

– In which Tribe do you think you’ll be in, if you had to choose one? Or Tribeless?
If given a choice, I would choose to be Tribeless. But if not given a choice, I might have to say Taciturn strictly because I have tattoos. 😉 I did create a series of “Author In Role” photos last year where I dressed up as each to the Tribes. The Wraith was my favorite costume for the shoot. Without giving too much away, readers will discover more about the Tribes in Inferno, and some of you might change your perspectives a little.

– Will you write other genres beside dystopian?
Most certainly! I have a whole other supernatural/fantasy series that is part way completed (it was actually written before The New World Series) and about three more simmering on the back burner—a fantasy, a book about witches and a book based in Greek Mythology. In other words, I have a lot of writing to do!

About The Author


As a child Jennifer loved getting lost in the stories of others, but struggled greatly with reading. A notoriously slow reader who stumbled with words and spelling, Jennifer shied away from books, leaning heavily on musical theater and movies to get her inspirational fix.

It was not until in her mid-teens, when a persistent friend convinced her to read the Harry Potter series, that Jennifer found her love for the written word. J.K. Rowling’s books opened doors not only to the fascinating world of a young wizard, but to a life filled with a multitude of literary friends and fantastical worlds. Once a timid reader, Jennifer now devours books and loves getting lost in a new series.

Jennifer had wanted to write her own novel since her early twenties, but unfortunately inspiration doesn’t always strike on command. Her first book, The Chosen, was completed in 2013. But as most first attempts go, it was a flop. While looking through a multitude of rejection letters, inspiration struck again, putting Grace’s story got on hold as Phoenix’s began.

New World: Rising began to fill Jennifer’s brain, flowing like a fully opened valve from her fingertips. What was once such a struggle in her early years suddenly became a passion.
When Jennifer is not writing, she is enjoying life in Colorado, rock climbing, camping, exploring new foods, playing with her golden retriever, Duke, and sharing her life with her handsome and wonderful husband.

Media Links;

Goodreads –

Twitter- @J_KayWilson

Author Facebook –

Series Facebook –

Instagram – @jkwilson29

Lastly, if you didn’t know, this book is being published by an amazing micro publishing company…

Literally, all the books that this publishing company has published are amazing!!


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