Meet The Author – Sarah J. Maas at Kinokuniya, KLCC

17 March 2016 – Thursday – 11 am

I arrived at KLCC at 9.35 am and the mall was filled with raging fans. Apparently, a Kpop star was there on the same day for a phone launch. Something like that.

I was the the fifth person to arrive and went straight to line up the queue. At exactly 10 am, we stormed into the bookstore, I got to sit at the very front row and got to stare exactly right at Sarah J. Maas.

We all waited for 11 am to come. While waiting, I chatted a bit with other bookstagrammers.

At exactly 11 am, Sarah J. Maas appeared and everyone was screaming, myself included. I may have gotten a bit teary eyed, seeing her and I just couldn’t believe it. She was there – right in front of me.

We had a Q&A session, the moderator had it, mostly. Sarah answered all the questions with enthusiasm and very long and satisfying answers.

Ā *I know, bad angle*

At around 11.30 am, we had a group photo and she squeezed right between us and she sat exactly right beside me. Right beside me! I really couldn’t believe my luck. After that, I took a selfie with her and complimented her how beautiful she was, she laughed and told me ‘thank you’. Apparently, during the book signing session, we can’t take an individual picture with Sarah. I know, bummer!

I am also the first person to get my books signed on that day. I brought A Court Of Thorns And Roses and Throne Of Glass because apparently, those two are the only books that I own by her.

As I come up to her, she was in a deep conversation with her husband, Josh and also known as PapaMaas. I couldn’t help but to listen in. They were talking about someone who had apparently fainted and she was like, “Why didn’t you stop me from talking?”

You can see a glimpse of me in the picture and Sarah with a concerned look on her face about the person who fainted.

Before she signed my books, she asked me Naad-hira? And I’m like, no its just Naadhira (silent H) and I said yeah it’s complicated.

It definitely was a great experience and a huge accomplishment. I wouldn’t want to change it for the world.

Thank you so much, Sarah J. Maas! (Even though I know you would never read this.)



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