Inconceivable! by Tegan Wren

Book Review #53

Title: Inconceivable!

Author: Tegan Wren

Publication: Curiosity Quills Press

Release Date: November 16, 2015

Format: e-ARC

My rating: 5/5 

A popular, young royal couple can’t produce an heir? INCONCEIVABLE!

When Ozarks native Hatty goes “whole hog” during karaoke, she catches the eye of Prince John. He isn’t what she expects the heir to a small European nation to be: he’s affable, witty, and isn’t put off by her tell-it-like-it-is demeanor. Their flirtation should be short lived, but a force stronger than fate—Hatty’s newspaper editor—assigns her to cover the royals. After spending time together, she and John soon begin dating, and Hatty finds herself making headlines instead of writing them. 

But challenges loom that are even more complicated than figuring out how to mesh Hatty’s journalism career with life at Belvoir Palace. Hatty and John soon find themselves embroiled in an unusual sex scandal: they can’t produce an heir. Tabloids dub Hatty a “Barren-ess,” and the royals become irate. Hatty politely tells them to shove it. But beneath her confident exterior, she struggles to cope with a heartbreak that invades her most intimate moments with John. Pressured to choose between invasive medical procedures and abandoning John’s claim to the throne, the couple feels trapped until a trip to Ethiopia shows them happy endings sometimes arrive long after saying “I do.”  


  • Inconceivable! is moving, beautiful and heartbreaking! 
  • I adore the whole plotline of this book though it made my heart ache on certain parts. Although, it’s worth all the pain! 
  • I’m going to talk about Prince John first because seriously, what’s there not to talk about! I love him! Completely! He is the definition of perfection! The kind of man you’ve been searching for the rest of your life. Your Prince Charming and Shining Knight In Armour. He have this facàde and demeanour that he upholds but completely loses it totally with the love of his life. 
  • Let’s talk about Hatty now! I think that she is a bit rude and very straightforward but that’s just who she is, how she’s always been. At least she didn’t change her ways just because she married into a royal family. So, in a way, I respect her. I think every woman who would love to build up a family can feel her struggles and heartaches. But of course, with a husband like John, damn lucky girl. 
  • This story is also inspiring in a lot of aspects and we should remember to never give up and give our hopes up. 
  • Highly recommended!

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