Timesurfers by Rhonda Sermon

Book Review #34

* I received this book in an exchange for an honest review.  

My rating: 3/5

Goodreads Description 

“You’ve misunderstood. It’s not a choice. It’s a destiny.”

When fifteen year old Cate accidentally brings a dead cheerleader back to life her connection to the secretive Timesurfers is revealed. The Timesurfers travel through time and battle the powerful dark forces intent on manipulating history. Cate must discover her powers, choose a side and end a centuries old war. No pressure. 

My Review 

  • Truthfully, this book itself brings up a lot of confusions to me throughout the entire book. I’d definitely recommend it, of course. But personally, this is not one of my favourites. (My opinion anyway.)
  • Each of the characters have their own respective role and are very fitting to the whole story. I respectively love the guys in the book. I mean, come on! You will too if you’ve read it. 
  • I really love the concept that the story is about time surfing instead of time travelling. Its just a very fresh plot line. 
  • Rhonda did an amazing job, I should say. From the story line to characters and the little twists in the story. Such an amazing job!

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