Braver With You (Great Love #1) by A. Hart

Book Review #30 

* I received this book in an exchange for an honest review. 

My rating: 4.5/5

Goodreads Description 

When Special Forces soldier Calvin Smith is sent into the darkest places of the world, memories of the girl who stole his heart, keep him alive. 

When nursing student Emerson Williams is left to fight her battle with cancer, the image of the man who swept her off of her feet makes her fight harder. 

A year later they are reunited but a thrilling series of events attempts to keep them apart. Calvin and Emerson will have to face things that they never thought they would. 

“Braver with You” is a testimony to true love of all kinds and the powers it can have in the darkest of times.

My Review 

  • I received an e-copy from the author, herself and there are a lot of typos and the use of commas and full stops. I’m assuming that its the unedited copy. 
  • But all of that aside, this is a brilliantly well written book and is exactly my cup of tea. 
  • The plot line and all the characters mold extremely well together. 
  • The fact that Calvin is a soldier in the army is so risky. But, that’s what makes the story more interesting. 
  • So glad and happy that they got married. And the proposal is so sweet. Nothing could make a girl more happier than having their loved ones by their side. And marry him/her. 
  • Emerson is a very strong woman who is very determined to fight for her life until her last breath. I think that she claims that twice during her encounter with the vicious, Sid. Don’t get me started with Sid. Easy to say, I hate the man!
  • Highly recommended. 

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