Black Diamond (Diamond In The Rough Series #2) by Elisa Marie Hopkins

Book Review #21 

* I received this book in an exchange for an honest review. 

My rating: 5/5

Goodreads Description 

Over the weeks following her disappearance and the discovery of a long-silenced secret, the yellow brick road to Sophia Cavall’s happiness becomes littered with minefields.

Enter Oliver Black and his irresistible persona. He’s strong, caring, and doesn’t question her need for freedom. Sophie is Oliver’s feminine equal—the lioness in his lion lifestyle. She is his eyes and ears, and has his heart in her pocket. They have enough passion to paint the town red with love and a lurking, dangerous rival fears their union is a problem.

The price of fame and a high-profile relationship collides as the media spins a yarn to boost their ratings. Before they know it, the romance begins to falter. Can the two reconcile their opposing views before it is too late or will they lose the greatest love they’ve ever known? A devil of a choice is in order.

The odds are stacked against Sophie and Oliver in this second installment of the Diamond in the Rough series. What is the truth? Who is the real enemy? There’s no two ways about it—ready or not, he will come.

My Review

  • Sophia and Oliver are constantly quarreling that halfway in through the book, you’re so used to it. 
  • Can I just start with, WHAT THE HELL IS THAT ENDING?!?
  • One has cancer and the other is pregnant with twins, I mean at some point they are bound to cross path with this extremely life-changing experience that is happening in each other’s lives. And then what??
  • The epilogue is too short and too summarized. I feel that it can be elaborated even further. 
  • I really cannot accept the fact that Oliver fled to god knows where. Yes, even though his unfathomable act could save Sophia’s life but we don’t know that. It is an infinite possibilities. 
  • Really, Sarah? An assassin? I can’t grasp that information. One moment she’s acting schizophrenic and sometimes childlike but behind all that, an assasin? Yeah, very believeable. Is it all an act or are you truly sick? 
  • Why was Reed murdered? It is not possible that he ended his own life. 
  • But on top of it all, this is a brilliant book that was written from a highly talented author and everyone should read this book and share their thoughts and opinions. 
  • Highly recommended. 

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